Bob Arnson

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2015–current — Senior Software Engineer — FireGiant

Provide custom development and support services for FireGiant customers using the WiX Toolset.

2004–present — WiX Virtual Team

As a volunteer member of the core Windows Installer XML (WiX) virtual team, contribute code and documentation to Microsoft's first open-source project:

2011–2015 — Software Design Engineer — Populus Group for Microsoft Corp.

Consultant on the teams responsible for Visual Studio and .NET Framework setup and servicing tools:

2009–2011 — Software Design Engineer — Microsoft Corp.

Developer on the Microsoft Application Virtualization product line:

2007–2009 — Software Design Engineer — Microsoft Corp.

Sole developer responsible for setup, servicing, and extensibility for the ACES Studio product line:

2004–2006 — Programming Writer — Microsoft Corp.

Responsible for portions of the Visual Studio SDK documentation set and related tools:

2000–2004 — Release engineering technical lead — Compuware Corp. NuMega Lab

Planned release engineering efforts, built installers, and created automated nightly builds for software development tool product lines:

2000–2004 — Writer

Co-authored 10 programming tutorial, how-to, and reference books on Visual C++, Borland C++, and Visual Basic.

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